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January 9, 2020

Christian Radio Station for SALE

OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS IN CHRISTIAN MINISTRY! The retiring owner of 2 successful faith-based radio stations in Eastern Canada (100,000 populations, 160 KM apart) is retiring […]
July 26, 2019

Soul Touch Radio launches

Serving the African-American / Carribbean gospel music audience with a variety of contemporary Christian music (Nicole C. Mullen, Cece Winans,  Donnie McClurkin, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Take […]
July 26, 2019

Can I advertise my business or ministry?

Whenever a business or ministry advertises with our network, their radio ad appears on all our stations and internet TV as well.  Your radio ad will […]
July 26, 2019

What is Loud Cry Radio?

An easy listening Christian contemporary station.  What do we mean by “easy listening?”  Most Christian music radio stations play what the industry calls “hot” contemporary.  This […]
July 25, 2019

Natural Healing Radio

Presenting the world’s only 24/7 Natural Healing radio station based upon Biblical principles.  The finest natural healers in the world have gathered under one roof to […]
July 25, 2019

Country Gospel Radio launches

There is no shortage of country gospel radio stations in N. America, so why launch a new station.  The answer is simple.  Most of the country […]
July 25, 2019

Christians reaching out to Muslims

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Creating a station with outreach to Muslims.  So we gathered up audio from various Muslim ministries, added […]